What will be the price of 2014 Honda Pilot?

2014 Honda Pilot Front Angle

If you are wondering whether to buy a 2013 Honda Pilot, or should I wait until it comes out the new Honda Pilot 2014, here are a few tips for you.

2014 Honda Pilot - the Big Family Car
The first tip: With the purchase of the Honda Pilot be assured that you’re making a great choice, regardless of whether it is new or used, and which generation is it.

Another tip – buy it now: If you have decided to purchase a new Honda Pilot and can not decide whether to buy a current model or wait for the refreshed model for 2014 year – purchase the current one. The reason for this is simple, the new Honda Pilot 2014 will be a little different from the current version, and therefore there is no need to wait model for 2014 year.

So buy a 2013 Honda Pilot if you like a roomy, reliable and practical family crossover SUV with old-school boxy styling. There’s little reason to wait for the 2014 Honda Pilot as it’s not expected to undergo other than minor tweaks in anticipation of a full redesign for the 2015 model year.


2014 Honda Pilot’s Projected Price

Prices for the 2014 Honda Pilot should increase by only a token amount over their model-year 2013 levels. That means a base LX model should start at around $30,750, with the volume-selling EX at about $32,500, the leather-upholstered EX-L at about $34,750, and the fully loaded Touring, which includes a rear entertainment array and navigation system, at around $41,000 (all prices include the manufacturer’s destination charge, which should again be around $830). Add about another $1,600 for AWD-equipped versions of the above models. We don’t expect Honda will offer any standalone options for the 2014 Pilot other than a navigation system for around $2,000 and a rear DVD system for about $1,600 on the EX-L models.


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